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    When we ask our donors why they give, we hear many reasons. Some express a deep sense of gratitude to the county where their families and businesses have thrived. Others feel a responsibility to use their wealth in meaningful ways, or to share their good fortune — an inheritance, an especially large bonus or commission check, or the proceeds from the sale of a business — with the community.

    Create a Fund Invest in Howard County
    Corporate Philanthropy Support the Community Foundation of Howard County
    Give to an Existing Fund Create a Legacy

    To be considered for a grant, an organization must be determined as charitable under
    Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or be an entity that meets IRS charitable guidelines.

    For questions about our grant programs email Program Officer Tracy Locke-Kitt or call 410-730-7840.

    Community Grants                     Donor Advised

    Mini Grants                                 Making Up The Difference

    CFHoCo manages more than 300 charitable funds on our community’s behalf. Search our directory to find existing funds based on the type of fund or the name of the fund. You can click on the name of the fund to learn more about it as well as donate directly to that fund. Contact CFHoCo to learn how you can create your own fund.


    The “Endow Maryland” tax credit rewards donors who help build permanent charitable funds for local communities across the state—and right here in Howard County. Authorized by the State Legislature for the 2015 tax year, Endow Maryland offers a 25% state tax credit for gifts of $500 or more to permanent, endowed funds at qualified community foundations in Maryland.

    Learn more about Endow Maryland and how you can make a gift to CFHoCo here.



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Did You Know… That as of this month, and as a result of investment returns and active fund raising, the agency fund of the Alpha Foundation of Howard County, Inc., a component fund of the Community Foundation of Howard County, now has assets of over $100,000. That this endowment now ensures the long-term financial stability… >>>

Did You Know?

Did You Know . . . That in Howard County there are approximately 9,900 households with incomes of $50,000 or less; That there are approximately 3,247 rental units in Howard County with affordable rents for that population; and That 6,653 affordable units are needed to meet the need.   “Every week, low wage workers in… >>>

Did You Know?

That one of the largest gifts to a community foundation related to baseball? Ewing Kauffman, owner of the Kansas City Royals, made history by arranging to bequeath his baseball team to charity. Mr. Kauffman worried that, after his death, the Royals would not be able to stay competitive and remain in Kansas City. He came… >>>