Foundation announces 56 winners of Carlessia Hussein Minority Scholarships

Foundation announces 56 winners of Carlessia Hussein Minority Scholarships

Carlessia Hussein and the Community Foundation of Howard County (CFHoCo) announce the 56 recipients of the 2021 Carlessia Hussein Minority Scholarships. A total of $14,000 will be distributed on behalf of the selected recipients.

Carlessia Hussein Minority Scholarships are dedicated for African American, Latino or Native American males who are enrolled in a Howard County public middle schools. The funds cover tuition and related expenses associated with participating in “qualified programs” that provide opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and unique experiences to enable them to successfully complete school and become life-long leaders in their community. There is up to $25,000 available, approximately $350 per week of camp per applicant.

Dr. Hussein started her career as a nurse and two decades later earned her doctorate in public health from the University of California, Berkeley. Throughout her career she made a significant impact on population health at the local and state levels. Interlaced in her more than 50‐year career, has been a commitment to the health of minority, underrepresented and underserved populations.

Dr. Hussein believes, by virtue of circumstances beyond their control, that some children need additional help to reach their full potential. She strongly believes that by reaching out to one child at a time you can affect the lives of many people. Through this scholarship Dr. Hussein is able to offer that much needed support to children in their more formative years to ensure they are “on the right track.” To that end, this scholarship provides children access to programs that encourage leadership, academic achievement, character development, expand problem‐solving skills and engender a sense of community.

For more information, review the guidelines. A list of qualified programs can be found here. Students that have previously received this scholarship, and continue to meet eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply again. This scholarship is Dr. Hussein’s way of “passing it on.”

The list of 2021 Carlessia Hussein Minority Scholarship Winners (alphabetical by school):

Bollman Bridge Elementary School

Diego Cortez

Bonnie Branch Middle School

Kenneth Espinoza

Wilmer Espinoza

Jasper Vasquez Vallejo

Cradlerock Elementary School

Jo’sih Bailey

Jeremiah Fletcher

Ducketts Lane Elementary School

Nolan Tucker

Harper’s Choice Middle School

Joseph Ortiz-Rivera

Jaden Rivera

Lake Elkhorn Middle School

Brandon Chicas-Hernandez

Luis Galdamez-Baldizon

Cesar Reyes Escobar

Mayfield Woods Middle

Armando Andrade Castro

Erik Andrade Castro

Jesus Arroyo-Pina

Randy Dubon Tovar

Gerardo Godoy Colindres

Jairo Juarez Nova

Isai Reyes Padilla

James Rivera Guevara

Josue Zelaya Posada

Murray Hill Middle School

Ednilson Amaya

Victor Berrocal

Rolando Carballo-Gatica

Melvin Diaz

Angel Garcia

Erick Gonzalez

Joab Urbina

Oakland Mills Middle School

Joel Batista Medina

Orlando Castelan Cortez

Cahill Haylett

Yassiell Marin

Brandon Tepetitia

Santiago Vera

Gabriel Villatoro-Flores

Carl Zuniga Santos

Patuxent Valley Middle School

Christopher Barco

Tarahji Davis-Hartley

Gabriel Delgado

Leonardo Delgado

Justin Hernandez

Daniel Obuda

Cesar Perez Gomez

Eric Rios-Espana

Jayro Rodriguez

Jonathan Saavedra-Saavedra

Adrian West

Running Brook Elementary School

Mekhi Bruton

Thomas Viaduct Middle School

Justin Alessi

Luis Diaz-Dominguez

Jose Leon Aguirre

Jorge Morales

Walter Ramos Serrano

Jason Riveros

Dylan Salguero Herrera