Board of Trustees Profile: Steve Singh

Board of Trustees Profile: Steve Singh

Where did you grow up? Go to school?

I grew up in the New Jersey suburbs outside of New York City in a town called Aberdeen Township. I went to Penn State for college, earning a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. After Penn State I went to business school and earned an M.B.A. degree from Villanova.

What do you do in your “day job?”

I am the Vice President of Electric Operations at BGE.

When you are not working or in community, what do you like to do for fun?

I love traveling with the family.

Why did you want to be on the CFHoCo Board of Trustees?

Our family feels that it is important to be involved, and the Board of Trustees for the Community Foundation good place to give back to my community

When did you start giving to issues that are important to you?

I started giving to issues that are important to me in high school. 

What are two or three areas of interest or non-profits that you give to?

Educational equity, children in need and supporting the arts are three areas that we like to support.

What advice do you have for those interested in giving back?

Thriving communities are ones that look to take care of each other.