All Mini-Grant funding has been disbursed for 2018.  As a result we will not hold the July grant round.


Through the Mini-Grant program, funding is provided to support smaller nonprofits, projects that are time-sensitive, first-time applicants, nonprofits less than five years old, school enrichment programs that are not funded through the district budget, and nonprofits not eligible for grants through the Community Grant program. The Community Foundation of Howard County may provide grants of up to $5,000.

The Mini-Grant program provides funding in the following categories:

  • HCPSS Enrichment Programs may be one-time or ongoing programs or extracurricular activities designed to enhance Howard County Public School students’ learning, not covered by the HCPSS budget.
  • Equipment Purchases may be small-scale purchases that meet a critical organizational priority or for technology enhancements.
  • Organizational Improvement may be for board or staff education, program evaluation, shared training resources or collaborative planning efforts with other organizations.
  • Project Support may be for an established program, to adapt a proven program to a new situation, discover whether an approach is viable, or that help enhance an organization’s mission.
  • Operational Support is unrestricted income to help an organization carry out its goals without imposing the requirement to develop activities directly attributable to the grant.

For complete information on the funding categories outlined above, please read the Program Guidelines provide below.  For more information on this program, please email Director of Programs, Tracy Locke-Kitt at or call 410-730-7840.

Program Guidelines and Application

Following are the application materials and guidelines for the 2018 Mini-Grant program.

Grant Reporting

The Mini-Grant program does not require the submission of a final report; however a site visit may be required. We encourage you to update the CFHoCo on the project that was funded, including sharing results, pictures, articles, etc.

Support CFHoCo’s Programs

Our Mini-Grant program is made possible by donors who have established Unrestricted and Field-of-Interest Funds. Through this generous support, collectively, these funds provide CFHoCo the flexibility to use its extensive knowledge of community issues and organizations to make grants that both support programs that make our community vibrant and that are responsive to the needs of the community.  Donors utilize the expertise of CFHoCo’s staff and Board of Directors to identify opportunities to make grants that will have the most impact in the community.

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