Tangible Personal Property

The Community Foundation accepts meaningful gifts of tangible property including art, antiques, collectibles, rare books, jewelry, gems and stamp and coin collections. Just as you should plan for what will happen to your home, finances and businesses, thought should be given as to what will happen to your artwork, collectibles and other prized possessions.  Passing it on to your children or donating it to a museum is not always possible or desirable.  Instead, these assets may be donated to CFHoCo, which the Foundation may selland use the proceeds to add to or create a fund.

All gifts of personal property are subject to review by CfHoCo’s Board of Trustees and an independent appraisal arranged and paid for by the donor. Please note that some restrictions do apply to the tax-deductibility of personal property items.

If you are considering making a gift of personal property to the Community Foundation, please contact CFHoCo’s President & CEO, Beverly White-Seals, at 410-730-7840.