Create A Corporate Fund

With a single gift, your business can easily launch or grow its giving program. Create a fund and experience the impact charitable giving will have on the issues you and your business care about. The fund you establish can serve one purpose or many; it can support a general cause or a specific organization. With a fund at CFHoCo, your business has access to many great services:

  • Planning: Define charitable goals and objectives that reflect your company’s values.
  • Research: Learn about community needs and innovative nonprofits.
  • Communications: Promote your community involvement internally with your stakeholders or externally with the general public.
  • Grant-making: Support causes locally and beyond.

Community Fund: Create a legacy in your company’s name with a permanently endowed fund supporting the community at-large or a particular field-of-interest such as the environment, the arts or health and human services.

Donor-Advised Fund: A great alternative to private corporate foundations, the Community Foundation of Howard County can help you respond to the numerous solicitations you receive each year, or we can manage an application process for you. This is a flexible vehicle for meeting a range of charitable interests.

Scholarship Fund: Provide educational opportunities with a scholarship fund for employees, their children or students out in the community.