Customized Grant-Making Services

The CFHoCo team specializes in providing customized grant service administration to assist your company in managing all of its charitable activities. The best-of-class, behind-the-scenes services are designed to allow your company to remain focused on its core operations and increase the recognition your company deserves for its charitable giving activities and programs.

Through a grant-making process customized for your company, CFHoCo will provide a wide range of services and ensure that your grant dollars are being used for their intended purpose with maximum impact in the community. Our services relieve your company of the administrative burden. Our behind-the-scenes team is available to:

  • Field phone calls and correspondence from grant seekers
  • Identify qualified and appropriate applicants
  • Receive and review all grant requests
  • Make site visits to examine program concept or agency capabilities
  • Maintain a database of all grant requests, grant awards and status
  • Determine if a gift will qualify as a charitable contribution
  • Assist grantees in developing and refining grant requests
  • Prepare written grant recommendations
  • Prepare and send award letters (including formal terms and conditions agreement, payment schedule and reporting procedures) and, if the company so chooses, notify those whose proposals are denied
  • Process and verify grant payments
  • Oversee grantee accountability
  • Process incoming gifts and pay grantees
  • Offer management of the competitive grant process