Donor-Advised Grants

Donor-Advised Grants are a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving – and a great way to involve your entire family in philanthropy. Through this program you can provide funding to nonprofits targeting the issues you and your family care about most.

Grantmaking with Confidence

CFHoCo staff can provide information on successful, new and innovative programs within Howard County.  You can feel secure in knowing that your donations are made to nonprofits that have been vetted through our rigorous grant review and due diligence process to ensure compliance with IRS requirements for nonprofit status, community impact, financial controls and collaborations with other community organizations.

This partnership enables you to support organizations highlighted for their ability to carry us forward in building a healthy, vital community.

Donor Suggestion Form

You can make a difference by right-clicking to download and complete our Donor Suggestion Form (revised October 2016) and submitting to